Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Name in GLITTER!

I've never met a kiddo who doesn't love GLITTER!  As I've stated in earlier posts, it's really important for kids to practice letters in LOTS of ways and not just with a pencil.  This activity helps children to get more familiar with letters and also works on hand and finger strength. 

An adult prints the child's name on a piece of cardstock and then have the kids "trace" the letters using glitter glue.  It takes some muscle in those little fingers to be able to squeeze out the glue and manage the coordination to keep the glitter on the lines.  When the tracing is complete, sit it aside until the next day so that it's good and dry.  Once dry, the letters are raised up and the child can trace the letters with his finger.  I found this great bucket of 50 glitter glue tubes at a local craft store.....look at all of the colors!  With my Sunday paper coupon, it was only about $5.00 for this bucket of fun! 
This activity could be done with other letters too or with shapes.  If the child isn't able to do the glitter glue himself, an adult can glue and the child can practice the tracing once it's dry.  OR if your goal is simply improving hand strength and muscle development, then don't worry about learning letters and just put out a fun bucket of glitter glue in lots of colors and let the child create a beautiful picture!

Jen Dermody, OTR/L

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