Thursday, July 18, 2013

25 Ways to Practice Letters WITHOUT a pencil!

While I am enjoying summer break in a major way and not quite ready to think about school yet, I DO love when kiddos continue to learn, learn, learn whether they are in school or not!  Sitting down with a pencil and paper may not be the most appealing activity in the middle of July however there are plenty of other ways to practice letters and tons of fun doing it!  Here are 25 ideas to get you started ~~

1.  Sidewalk chalk
2.  Finger paints
3.  "Painting" with a paintbrush and bucket of water on the sidewalk
4.  Wikki Stix
5.  A salt tray
6.  "Do-a-Dot"
7.  Shaving cream!
8.  Dry erase board
9.  Scented crayons
10.  Glitter glue
11.  Sticker "dots"
12.  A rice tray (and you can color the rice with food coloring!)
13.  Window markers
14.  "Write" with a stick in the dirt
15.  Bathtub crayons
16.  AquaDoodle or Magna Doodle
17.  Popsicle sticks
18.  Tear pieces of paper and glue on letter models
19. Frootloops or Cheerios
20.  Make some homemade play-doh (loads of recipes online) and roll into letters
21.  Ziploc bag filled with hair gel and sealed with tape
22.  Paint on an easel
23.  A small chalkboard
24.  Yarn
25.  Letter lacing cards

Learning can be so much FUN!  With a little creativity, your kiddo will be all ready when school starts again in a few weeks!

Jen Dermody, OTR/L