Monday, August 15, 2011

First Grade Connections

I'm excited to be a contributor for a new blog network called First Grade Connections!   This is a place where 1st grade teachers can network and share all sorts of ideas for school.  While I'm not a 1st grade teacher, I DO teach lots of 1st graders!  As a school OT, I get the privilege of working with kids of all ages and the majority of my students are PreK-2nd grade.  I'm hoping to offer ideas to all of those amazing 1st grade teachers so that they can help their students with fine motor skills in the classroom.  Check it out at First Grade Connections !

Jen Dermody, OTR/L


  1. I taught first grade before staying home. I'm glad to have another blog as a resource. I have another question for you: Aubrey has been rolling/turning her wrist in when coloring/drawing/writing. Any ideas/suggestions/tips for this?

    Thanks once again!

  2. How fun! I think you'll enjoy what the 1st grade teachers are posting AND it will lead you to lots of other 1st grade blogs.
    Using a vertical surface for writing/coloring typically corrects the wrist position you've described. When writing on a vertical surface such as an easel or hanging white board/blackboard, the wrist is positioned at about 30 degrees extension which is the optimal position for writing on a flat surface. Vertical surface work is SO GREAT for kids! If you don't have an easel or hanging board, you can simply tape the paper to the wall. If Aubrey is working at a table, you can use a thick binder (with 4" rings), turn it to a horizontal "landscape" position and place the paper on it for coloring/writing---this will give you a vertical surface too :)

  3. You are wonderful! Thank you once again!

  4. You're very welcome! Please keep me posted :)