Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 is Fun!

I remember when my kids hit age 5, it seemed like my babies had turned into full blown big kids! They were heading to kindergarten and spending much of the day away from mom and I just hoped they were ready.  Five year olds get excited to be like the "big kids" as they start their school age adventures.  What skills should a 5 year old have to be ready for kindergarten?  Here are a few developmental milestones to look for:
  • Connects dots
  • Draws a recognizable body with at least 5 parts (body parts out of proportion)
  • Builds a block pyramid
  • Hand dominance is well established
  • Uses a mature grasp on a pencil/crayon
  • Copies 1st name (might have letter reversals or missing letters)
  • Uses paste/glue independently
  • Colors in the lines
  • Copies a triangle
  • Uses fork and knife appropriately
  • Manages toileting/clothing (may need assist with fasteners)
  • Cuts curved lines and shapes with scissors
Children develop at different rates and these milestones are simply a guide.  Some 5 year old children  will have mastered these skills BEFORE turning 5 and others might not master the skills until they are 6 or older.  If you have concerns about your child's development, please talk to your pediatrician and your child's teacher.  When we all work together, our kids succeed!


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