Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beat the Heat

Summer won't officially arrive for a couple of days but the heat is certainly upon us!   The record high temps this week had my children looking for some creative ways to beat the heat.  As an occupational therapist, I love to have kids involved in fine motor activities that develop hand muscles, strength, and coordination.  What could be more fun on a hot day than getting out the squirt toys?!   Water guns and squirt bottles are ALWAYS a hit with kids of all ages AND are a great way to develop hand muscles.  Besides the fun of squirting each other and mom and dad, kids can be in charge of watering flowers and plants everyday.  It's a job they will be happy to do each and every day and they won't even realize how they are developing hand muscles necessary for all of the writing and cutting they'll do once school starts again in the fall. 
The local dollar store is a great place to find lots of colorful and inexpensive squirt toys.  Have fun!


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