Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Fall!

Fall is such a wonderful time for children to see, smell, and touch the wonders of nature!  Miss Paula is one of my preschool teacher friends who took her class on a nature walk to find some special "treasures".  Each of the children carries a bag and collects leaves, twigs, and acorns.  When they return to class, the children have a large piece of paper where they lay all of their treasures.  An adult uses clear contact paper to cover the items so that they kiddos can proudly display their Autumn collage. 
Children learn from ALL sensory experiences!  This simple activity awakens the senses and teaches kiddos about the beauty of Autumn.  Looking at a pile of leaves from a distance is different than picking them up and seeing how leaves come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  So simple and yet so FUN!   Happy Fall!

Jen Dermody, OTR/L 

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