Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lovin' Letters

You've heard me say that it's just so important for kids to practice letters in lots of ways BESIDES using a pencil.  OT's call this a multi-sensory approach and it helps for kids to use ALL of their senses when learning.  The kindergarten students at one of my schools are learning the alphabet and their teachers did a great job using a multi-sensory approach!  Students were given large paper cut outs of all of the capital letters.  They painted the letters and then glued on items that start with that letter.  For example, the letter B has lots of BUTTONS:

Letter C is decorated with COTTON and CANDLES:

And while letter Q can be a challenge, this student used Q-TIPS!

The students used all sorts of creative items to glue on their letter paintings.  The various items will help the children learn and remember the letters which in turn will improve literacy and writing skills!   If you want to practice at home and don't want a whole hallway of big letters, you can modify the activity and use smaller letters to find just 1-2 items for each letter. Maybe put a funny hat on the child.....we'll call it the "Thinking Cap"......and search the house for items that match the letter.  Lots of fun!

Jen Dermody, OTR/L

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